Enerjisa Üretim
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People & Culture

Throughout its journey to a successful and sustainable production, Enerjisa Üretim has taken its biggest power from its people. In line with its vision of adding value to the industry and Turkey, everyone contributing to company performance and corporate culture is being considered as a value where opportunities for the development of employees is being created in an employee-oriented way. With the mission of hiring, developing and retaining talent in the company; we adopt practices that meet the needs of all employees and future requirements.

Aiming to contribute to the industry in terms of knowledge, know-how and competent people through these practices.

Continuously working together with employees to ensure fully understanding while leveraging the benefits of technology.

Putting flexibility, transparency and speed to the forefront; aiming an approach which adapts systems and organizational structure around agile and simple principles, open for experiencing, supporting team spirit and cooperation development among employees together with feedback and performance culture, aiming to increase organizational network productivity to its highest level, which supports both managerial competency development and technical expertise,

Attaching importance on balancing professional and personal lives of employees as well as their well-being,

Encouraging voluntariness of employees in social responsibility initiative created in line with main social policies such as Gender Equality, Children, Afforestation and Street Animals;

Placing emphasis on an approach that puts value to the opinion of employees through committees working on the development of People & Culture practices and improvement of work environment, suggestion systems and an open-door policy.

Demographic Information

Career & Development
In line with the Career & Development Programs, there are two paths to take at Enerjisa Üretim:

Individual career path

Employees have the goal to have a unique knowledge of a specific subject or area, or possess a theoretical or conceptual expertise gained through experience.

Administrative career path

Employees work towards achieving goals with the help of the teams they lead.

Reverse Mentorship program with the
YOUNG IDEAS Leadership Team

With the Young Ideas program young employees under the age of 30 share their ideas with the executive team with the purpose of supporting better understanding with regards to the perspectives of next generation, enabling different generations to work together and learn from each other.

The participants are included in the decision-making processes in "the issues that touch people," attend to the meetings of Enerjisa Üretim Leadership Team, and carry out the developed projects with the support of the senior management.


Enerjisa Üretim Career Interviews are online conversation events that are organized in order to enable Enerjisa Üretim employees to inspire and promote the organization and its culture by telling their career stories to new college graduates or students who will graduate soon.


Meetings with young people are being organized as part of the "Young Energy of Üretim" program, conducted in order to convey Enerjisa Üretim's knowledge and experiences to college students and to gain them as talents for the sector.


The company undergoes the “Organization and Career Management” process annually to assess the potential of its employees, track their development and develop backup plans.

Internal (assessment question set) and external (inventories) assessment tools are also used during evaluations.


In 2020, support was provided to all Enerjisa Üretim employees who applied to start their Master and Doctorate education where 50% of education fee paid to institutions was compensated by Enerjisa Üretim.

Research on Employee Loyalty & Experience

In 2020, the annual Research on Employee Loyalty & Experience was conducted with a participation rate of 95 percent. 81% of Employee Loyalty score is also above Turkey's best work place score of 73% recorded in 2019.

Feedback Culture
Performance System Supporting Continuous Feedback

Designed to support continuous development, the system allows for the revision and cancellation of goals. Employees can see each other’s goal cards, allowing them to provide feedback accordingly. They can also request feedback from each other and breakdown goals into tasks and see milestones. Through this system, the company can readily identify and work on employees’ development needs.

360° Degree Principles Evaluation

Employees are evaluated by themselves, their managers, internal customers / internal suppliers, and team members with a 360-degree approach in line with the four principles of Enerjisa Üretim, i.e., "We are in Pursuit of Excellence, We take ownership of our work, We honor our promises, We are a Team", which correspond to four performance indicators.

Participation of Employees in Management

Enerjisa Üretim shapes and improves its internal processes and practices around its employees’ opinions and suggestions. The company also developed a system called “ÜretENler Suggestion System” which allows employees to make suggestions directly to management, which are evaluated in quarterly periods.

Employee Committee

Employee Committees were formed to promote a free flow of information among employees, to discuss problems of general interest and to devise solutions on a common platform.

Training & Development

Enerjisa Üretim designs training and development products in order to strengthen behavioral, professional and leadership competencies of its employees in line with its strategic goals as well as the needs of its employees.

In the E-Development portal which is the online training platform of Enerjisa Üretim, there are face-to-face options along with E-Orientation, Technical Trainings, Information Technologies Trainings, Mandatory Trainings and Managerial Competency Trainings as innovative and rich educational content.

Technical requirements are identified according to the dynamics of each location. Following this, an annual training program is prepared and notified to employees.

Academic Support

Support was provided to all Enerjisa Üretim employees who applied to start their Master and Doctorate education.

People & Culture Practices
Flexible Benefits

88% of office employees participated in the Flexible Benefits program which enables the employees to structure their benefits upon their choice.

Hobby Clubs

Enerjisa Üretim aims to encourage employee bonding outside of work hours, strengthen communication among inter-department employees, facilitate the adoption of hobbies and provide employees with a place to enjoy their hobbies.

Health to your Energy

In accordance with the philosophy of Wellness, the company carries out a program called “Health to your Energy” at to improve the physical and mental health of its employees with the goal to encourage and raise awareness of employees to have higher quality lives. As part of the project the followings have been achieved;

  • Improving physical health of employees through on-site practices and exercises performed under the supervision of sports instructors,
  • Acquiring correct eating habits through dietitian visits
  • Getting away from work stress through massage sessions
Avita Employee Support Program

The program offers 24/7 unlimited service on Psychological counseling and Guidance (by phone and face to face), Crisis Critical Situation Management Support, Manager Support Tools, Medical Consultancy and Information Services, Neck and Back Pains and Office Ergonomics, Financial Information Services, Legal Information Services, Social Life / General Information Services, Newborn Care Information Services, Healthy Nutrition Counseling, Techno Support, Veterinary Consultancy to Enerjisa Üretim employees.


The chat bot application supports the employees 24/7 regarding People and Culture processes (Payroll, Leaves, Individual Pension, Performance System, Overtime notification, etc.) and Purchasing processes (procedure, implementation and the status of purchase demands).

Occupational Health & Safety

Enerjisa Üretim considers occupational health and safety an important value of its corporate culture. As such, the company reviews its activities annually, renews all required processes and continuously raises its standards. We identify all employees as OHS volunteers and each and every employee at Enerjisa Üretim is an Occupational Health & Safety Specialist.

Enerjisa Üretim introduced an OHS policy to lay emphasis on the subject:

  • We never compromise on occupational health and safety (OHS).
  • OHS is a natural part of our business.
  • We believe that occupational accidents and diseases are preventable.
  • By incorporating the best industry and global practices, we create measurable targets, monitor them regularly and focus on continuous improvement.
  • We ensure the cooperation of our employees and stakeholders from all levels of our organization.
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OHS Structuring at Enerjisa Üretim

OHS issues are addressed in monthly OHS Executive Board meetings with the participation of the CEO, Operational and Technical Deputy General Managers, People & Culture Leader, Asset Management and Sustainability Leader, Occupational Health and Safety and Culture Leader to address business processes and plant/basin managers. The Board determines the objectives and strategies that concern the entire company and monitors developments.

41,305 Hours of OHS Training

With the continuous learning and development culture, training programs that inform employees about safe working conditions and promote OHS culture play an important role in OHS management.

Provided OHS training duration in 2020 (incl. contractors)

41,305 hours

Training duration per person

18,27 hours

Innovative Practices Supported by Technology

YES (Integrated System for Contractors):
Below benefits were gained with YES which was initiated in 2020;

  • Inclusion of contractors into Enerjisa Üretim’s OHS processes & increasing awareness
  • Initiation of occupational health and safety related regulations through purchase requests
  • Performing information and documentation evaluations not only by occupational health and safety department, but by all the departments (e.g. maintenance dept., administrative affairs, operation, etc.)
  • Monitoring misconducts of contractor employees according to OHS regulations.

Safety Vision:
Thanks to this project implemented with a start-up cooperation in 2020, our company is the first in Turkey as well as being among the leading companies in the world in the field of occupational health and safety.

In summary, the project involves artificial intelligence technology by using existing cameras in power plants and measures factors given below in real-time with an accuracy of 90% and compiles reports:

  • Employee & Equipment Check
  • PPE Analysis
  • Area Breach Detection
  • Detection of Anomalies
  • Analysis of Temperature Maps
  • Pedestrian & Vehicle Road Breach Detection
  • Safety Checks
  • Physical Distance Analysis

Procurement Department

TThe goal of purchasing department is to develop effective and efficient long-term relations with the suppliers and form strategic collaborations. Both supplier development support and Enerjisa Üretim process improvement through received supplier feedbacks is achieved via tools used within this framework.

In cooperative studies with the site team and suppliers, another important goal is to lower costs without compromising quality, sustain continuity of the operation and increase efficiency of operations with innovative approaches.

In 2020, we collaborated with 1,267 suppliers, processing 14,547 orders worth 614 million TL in total. Suppliers benefited from easy terms of payment provided during the pandemic, protecting them and our operation from the crisis.


Digitalization activities for Enerjisa Üretim processes were accelerated upon the pandemic period. In line with this, Kokpit was activated consisting of a material main data management system, created completely using domestic sources of Enerjisa Üretim. This system will enable the usage of common codes in all the power plants of Enerjisa Üretim, prevent duplicate code usage, automate the approval processes, enable control and traceability with regards to stocks and support decreasing stock and supply costs.

Internal Audit Directorate and Its Activities

The Internal Auditing Directorate carries out auditing activities of Enerjisa Üretim and its subsidiaries for the effectiveness of the internal control system. Pursuant to the independence principle, the Internal Audit Directorate reports directly to the Audit Committee, comprised of two members of the Board of Directors.

Advisory Services

Consultancy activities may also be conducted in line with the demands coming from the Directorate Executive Board, Audit Committee or senior management.

Ethical Reviews

Company employees or stakeholders may report all kinds of possible ethical, legal or Company policy breaches by calling
Ethics Hotline at "0216 512 4242" or by sending emails to "[email protected]" to reach Internal Audit Directorate.

Enerjisa Üretim Code Of Conducts

Relevant ethical rules cover various subjects such as acting according to the business ethics in internal and external relations of the Company, protecting all kinds of Company assets and information, preventing conflict of interest, fighting against corruption and bribe, etc.

OHS Culture



Kincentric Best Employer

According to KINCENTRIC Best Employers results as one of the world’s most prestigious awards of which the evaluations are made according the dedication measurements of the company employees, Enerjisa Üretim has earned the award of "Turkey’s Best Employer".

İsg Ödül

British Safety Council
Safety Award

In the International Safety Awards held by British Safety Council, Enerjisa Üretim has granted an award at "merit" level thanks to its sensitivity to occupational health and safety throughout 2019.

Cloud Awards

IDC Turkey Cloud Technology Awards

In IDC Turkey Cloud Technology Awards held within IDC Cloud & Datacenter Summit held by the international consultancy company IDC every year, Enerjisa Üretim has earned the second prize. With CPRO application that power plants make generation plans and manage market transactions, it has earned award in the best IaaS/PaaS category of the year with its redevelopment project suitable to the new generational cloud platform standards.


Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards

Under Excellence Awards held by Brandon Hall Group; Enerjisa Health project aiming at investing physical and mental health of its employees has earned the Silver award; Premium and Awarding Systems established for providing different solutions to different needs of the employees has earned the Bronze award.


12th Peryön Value To People Awards

In 12th Peryön Value to People Awards organized by People Management Association of Turkey, it has earned “Employee Health and Safety” award in the category of Value Creating Applications.

Enerjimiz Geleceğimiz

Energy Is Our Future

In Turkey Energy and Natural Resources Summit, Tufanbeyli Social Development Project has granted an award under “Our Energy is Our Future” corporate social responsibility awards.


Stevie Awards

It has earned the gold award in “Employer of the Year – Energy” category, the bronze award in the category of “Achievement in People Resources Administration” with its Premium and Awarding Systems project.



Digital Vision & Agile Structuring

In line with the works that have been conducted to achieve the vision of “Digital Enerjisa Üretim”, Üretim IT transitioned into a lean, flexible and dynamic working model that is away from hierarchy. Üretim IT continued to put product design in its center while activating Information Technologies Business Partnership structure to accompany in this digital journey of business units and a mentorship structure was established in order to provide support at the points where coordination and guidance is needed in multidisciplinary constructs. A mentoring structure has been established to provide multi-disciplinary coordination and support when guiding is required in plans carried out during the operation of work groups (squads), that have adopted an agile approach and the digital journeys of business units.

Uninterruptedness & Achievements

2020 has been a game changer for both private and business life. Many companies switched to remote working model. This situation changed the way of doing business and social life and increased the need for IT infrastructures. At this point, a single concept became most needed: “uninterruptedness”. Having power plants in 22 locations throughout Turkey, Enerjisa Üretim switched to remote working model with the experience it has gained from this, ensuring employees work uninterruptedly during this process. Social and business dealings have been made uninterrupted by monitoring the health of each location and system, and by establishing a mechanism to swiftly intervene in case of shortage.

In 2020 which required “uninterruptedness” as one of the main needs, the need for IT systems significantly increased as well. From this perspective, uninterruptedness was always achieved at Enerjisa Üretim. However, thinking ahead, this concept of uninterruptedness became a de facto concept at every point from IT infrastructure to business processes, from human relations to team works. Üretim IT always focused on the “uninterruptedness” continuously throughout the process (and even more during certain periods) without going off track from the goals of improvement, progress and becoming a benchmark in accordance with the word that was promised and the road that was chosen. Social and business processes have been made uninterrupted by monitoring the health of the system in our head office and in all our power plants, and by establishing a mechanism where quick response can be made in case of a malfunction.

Developments on infrastructure and work environment:

  • IT infrastructure of Enerjisa Üretim is now managed by Enerjisa Üretim completely independently.
  • With the transition to Microsoft Office 365 (Power BI, PowerApps, Teams and SharePoint) platforms, telecommuting and joint working opportunities increased.
  • Special connections to Microsoft data centers were established via Orange Telecom in order to maximize connection security.
  • Combined Reality Solution (Hololens2) was successfully implemented and was used during maintenance periods for various subjects such as know-how transmission, organizational inventory, etc.
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Corporate practices and developments regarding data:

  • Critical corporate applications were re-written to be compatible with cloud technology and were transferred into cloud platforms. Our work in this area was published on Microsoft's website as an exemplary work.
  • CPRO application was developed in order to manage Enerjisa Üretim and commercial operations as well as making transactions for energy markets for the power plants (day-ahead market, intra-day market, balancing energy market).
  • PPM application was developed as a modular, flexible and user-friendly solution in order to increase operational efficiency, to simplify business processes and to centralize data.
  • Accuracy optimization works that consume much time and resources were moved onto the cloud platform for a better performance and resource utilization.
  • SAP-TRM module that is based on treasury operations was commissioned and various financial operations were digitalized.
  • Thanks to the Kokpit application, uncertainties, repetitions and data pollution were prevented in material management and operational efficiency was ensured.

Corporate systems and developments regarding security:

  • Corporate systems and infrastructure are monitored by experienced security analysts, protection is ensured at every layer of the environment network and automated responses are given to external threats.
  • Security layer was put to use at every platform, from data to network security (cloud and in-house).

Developments on communication:

  • Works to share information in different formats and raise awareness were conducted with Chit Chat.
  • "Üretim IT Mag" magazine was published to share works regarding technology and current news.


With Senkron, infrastructure to manage Enerjisa Üretim portfolio under a single roof has been established. As a first in Turkey, operations of all Hydroelectric Power Plants of Enerjisa Üretim, started to be performed from Senkron located in Istanbul Headquarters.

The Senkron Project has set out with the objective of operating Hydroelectric Power Plants, monitoring water ratings, managing electricity generation process according to TEIAS report conformity, executing digital transformation projects in the process of power plants, creating and disseminating data-based decision mechanisms with performance, efficiency analyzes and reporting.


12 different plant is being controlled from a single center

Sustainability of energy generation is ensured by increasing the performance of power plants and maximum efficiency with multi-site management

Assets are managed with hourly planning in dynamic market conditions, minimizing energy costs.

Thanks to close communication with Dispatch, rapid action is provided for generations that may create imbalances.

Data of power plants are tracked from a single source with joint reporting.

Digital conversion of Hydroelectric Power Plant Operation Values Reports...

By using the common reporting tool, the loading-unloading (YAL-YAT) actions made to power plants are followed more effectively.

Start Up

Start-Up Collaborations:

Enerjisa Üretim is in close contact with the start-up ecosystem to evaluate technological trends and digitalization examples taking place in the industry and the world. The purpose of start-up collaborations is to use developed products to create value in processes, as well as to support companies to gain a new business model and vision by enriching their IT competencies and infrastructure security with Enerjisa Üretim knowledge.

The Safety Vision project, which is mentioned in detail under the subject of occupational health and safety, is an example of this. As a result of collaborations with the company TrioMobil, people who were in contact during working hours in the field can be identified and easy analysis can be made which people may be at risk in days when social distance becomes crucial, especially at critical domestic power plants that are deeply affected by the pandemic. Additionally, Enerjisa Üretim employees can send help signal in case of emergency.

Safety Vision:

Artificial intelligence technology developed by Intenseye Company, which was put into use in 5 Enerjisa Üretim power plants in 2020, monitors the video footage from security cameras 24/7, detects situations and behaviors that may put the health and safety of employees at risk, and instantly warns the relevant unit, thereby increasing productivity. Intenseye was able to receive a seed investment support of 4 million dollars with the technology tested and developed by Enerjisa Üretim on its platform, with an accuracy of more than 90 percent.


Thanks to Hololens-2, glasses that offer a mixed reality solution, Enerjisa Üretim employees can connect to anyone required, regardless of location, and work comfortably in the field within the limits of occupational health and safety. With this new mobile working support, Enerjisa Üretim employees can provide support with a quick connection, as a new business model in maintenances, outside power plants and in matters that require technical expertise.

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Products and Producers

Enerjisa Üretim has established teams (squats) with its agile structure to design products that is thought cannot be exceeded in the market. Operations are being performed on products in areas of responsibilities by The Benders, whose mission is to bend and twist and deliver quickly; Codefellas, inspired by the movie "GoodFellas" and holding on tight to each other through all difficulties; ShapeShifters aiming at agility and responding to all needs; and Addams Family teams that see each other as a family and struggle to make difference.




Despite all the uncertainties and challenges that was brought by the pandemic in 2020, Enerjisa Üretim was able to protect its profitability by combining operational excellence with commercial skills.

In 2020;

Total Active Assets

14,6 Billion TL

(2019 13,6 Billion TL)

Net Sales

9,3 Billion TL

(2019 6,6 Billion TL)


2.712 Million TL

(2019 2.404 Million TL)

Net Period Profit

963 Million TL

(2019 1.172 Million TL)

Free Cash Flow

2.607 Billion TL

(2019 2.540 Billion TL)

Net Liabilities / EBITDA

1,8 x

(2019 2,2 x)

New Financial Package

In 2020, Enerjisa Üretim signed the highest Sustainable Loan Contract in Turkey!

As the leading power generation company in Turkey, we signed a 650-million-Euro worth “Loan Agreement Related to Sustainability” with 7 large banks in line with the long-term financing strategy. Thus, Enerjisa Üretim strengthened its financial structure despite the pandemic by benefiting from the Loan Mechanism related to Sustainability which is one of the sustainable debt instruments reaching a total volume of 1.5 trillion USD in August 2020.



As Turkey’s leading electricity generation company, Enerjisa Üretim generates electricity using five different technologies. Its hydroelectric, wind, solar, lignite and natural gas combined cycle power plants form a diversified portfolio of 3.607 MW in operation. Our company is positioned to manage three main operations in harmony for achieving a successful portfolio management, maximize operational performance in the current period and accurately manage future growth.

1. To transform Company's assets and skills into maximum Economic Value
  • Optimization of the planning, electricity sales, pricing and fuel supply processes of the plants
  • Efficient reservoir management and generation strategies for hydroelectric plants
  • Effective utilization of limited profit opportunities with the optimization of our power plants in Day-ahead/Intra-day and Ancillary Services markets
  • Risk management with an integrated approach for the portfolio
  • Electricity trade and origination activities
  • Energy supply solutions for sophisticated customers
  • Providing consultancy services for commercial operations of other companies' power plants and taking over physical operational processes
2. Low-Cost, Reliable and Flexible Generation
  • OHS first
  • Maximizing plant availability
  • Plant maintenance and operation driven by opportunity cost analysis
  • Improvement projects focused on generation growth
  • Fuel supply strategies that would provide a cost advantage for our plants
3. Growth in Renewable Energy
  • Excellence in project development and construction processes of our Wind portfolio of 565 MW that will be brought to life in line with our long-term growth plans in renewable energy
  • Carrying out M&A opportunities that will add value to the portfolio in the areas of wind and solar energy
  • Strengthening the competitive advantage of the existing plant portfolio with hybrid solar and wind investments

Our Strategic Priorities

The company has positioned itself to manage its three main operational competencies in maximum harmony in order to be able to manage a successful portfolio, maximize operational performance of current period and manage future growth correctly.

Operational Perfection

Portfolio Optimization

Growth in Renewable Energy

Growth in Non-Asset Based Fields (Asset Light)

Capital Optimization


Human and Culture

Having 3.607-MW installed capacity, the leading private electricity generator Enerjisa Üretim maintained its privileged position in electricity and natural gas markets in Turkey in 2020 with its diversified portfolio, robust financial structure, predictable profitability, dividend potential, and a total of 565 MW wind portfolio including 500-MW Wind Renewable Energy Resources Zones and 65-MW Erciyes Wind projects with guaranteed purchase in foreign currency that ensures growth.

Risk Management

Enerjisa Üretim’s risk management approach aims to identify; measure using various methodologies; assess all risks and opportunities that may affect its operational, strategic and financial plans; and mitigate those risks. Two departments are responsible for conducting risk management activities in their respective fields. The Technical Risk Management Department focuses on managing technical risks while the Corporate Risk Management Department is responsible for managing optimization, commercial, financial and corporate risks.

Risk Assessment For 2020

Covid-19 pandemic was doubtless the most significant event of 2020 in terms of risk management as well. Although the pandemic started in the far east and some time passed until it reached Turkey, it had and still has an extraordinary impact on markets with its unprecedented consequences in modern times. Factors such as endurance and flexibility in operational terms, strong financial structure, effective risk management and strong technological infrastructure were proven to be very important once again during the pandemic. We used the management model described under the titles of pandemic and crisis management to enable business continuity as well as to manage financial and commercial aspects of the pandemic most effectively.

The fluctuations observed in Brent petroleum prices in 2020 showed us once again how significant the impacts of unexpected short-term changes in supply and demand balance could be, especially in the energy markets.

Management Of Commercial And Optimization Risks

Trade risks and optimization risks include the effects on profitability of the changes in prices and additional costs of electricity generated or traded by Enerjisa Üretim; and commodities such as natural gas, petroleum products and coal used or traded by the company, in free and regulated markets.

Management Of Financial Risks

Financial risks include Enerjisa Üretim’s receivables and payables in different currencies, and exchange rate risks that arise from purchasing guarantees. Interest risks and tax risks arising from deposits, loans, and/or deferred debts and receivables also fall within the scope of financial risks.

Corporate Risk Management and Reporting

Corporate risk management and reporting involves consolidating risks that occur in different departments and units of the company, creating business continuity documents and reporting risks.

Technical Risk Management

Technical Risk Management aims to identify and eliminate risks that may harm people and the environment, lead to unlawful practices, and reduce plants’ availability. It also aims to find and utilize opportunities that may create value for the company.



Renewable Energy Power Plant Investments

In line with the growth goal in renewable energy area, as part of the “Tender Announcement on the Allocation of Wind Energy-Based Renewable Energy Resource Areas and Connection Capacities”, we offered 4.56 Dollar cent per kWh in Aydın and 3.67 Dollar cent per kWh in Çanakkale in the WPP YEKA-2 tenders organized by the Ministry and we received a total capacity of 500 MW, as 250 MW at each tender session. As part of this, we signed YEKA utilization right contracts in 2020 with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Enerjisa Üretim will be able to sell the electricity it will generate using the company’s forthcoming wind power plants in these provinces at prices mentioned during the tender for 15 years following the signing of the contract.

One of the strategic priorities of Enerjisa Üretim is to ensure new investments in renewables. In the TEİAŞ Capacity Allocation Tenders held in 2017, we gained the rights for 65 MW of capacity allocation for Erciyes WPP.

We continue our renewable energy investments with hybrid solar plants located at Balıkesir Wind Power Plant and Tufanbeyli Plant which were commissioned in 2020.

Senkron Central Operation Room

Senkron Central Operation Room (Senkron) established at the Istanbul Ataşehir Headquarters started its remote operation process for 12 Enerjisa Üretim hydroelectric power plants. In addition to remote operation of hydroelectric power plants, Senkron also includes control systems for Thermal, Wind Power and Solar Power Plants and monitors their processes.

Senkron is one of the best examples that implemented by Enerjisa Üretim regarding digitalization and struggle for excellence. With its process and infrastructure specifications that were designed aiming to reach excellence in Asset Management, Senkron was certified with ISO 55001 Asset Management Certificate.


Enerjisa Üretim Academy started its activities in order to create and implement technical development and legal training programs. In these days when change is advancing faster than ever before, Spektrum, aims to design a development journey where all amployees experience using the most up-to-date professional knowledge, cutting-edge technology, learning from their own experiences, developing new perspectives and having fun while learning.

The biggest player of its industry, having Turkey’s most varied and largest generation composition of 3607 MW from 5 different technologies.

Renewable Energy Power Plants

Enerjisa Üretim generates renewable energy with 12 hydroelectric, three wind and two solar power plants. Enerjisa Üretim aims to further increase the share of renewable energy in its generation portfolio. The share of renewable energy in the total installed capacity of Enerjisa Üretim in Turkey increases regularly with investments. As of the end of 2020, 56 percent of the company’s total installed capacity is based on domestic and renewable energy sources.

Hydroelectric Power Plants

Enerjisa Üretim generates electricity at 12 hydroelectric power plants with an installed capacity of 1,353 MW in Adana, Kahramanmaraş, Erzurum, Artvin and Trabzon.

Seyhan Basin

Seyhan Basin hydroelectric power plants closed the year by going beyond their generation targets by 16%.

Thanks to the effective management of risks, all planned Electromechanical and Hydromechanical maintenance works were realized fully compatible with time and quality targets.

Along with all these works, other improvement activities were conducted in the power plants in order to fulfill technological and cyber security requirements. In this context;

  • Menge HEPP Control System was renewed.
  • Doğançay and Yamanlı II HEPP turbine governor systems were renewed using completely open source codes and new technologies.
  • Necessary improvements were made at access roads and facility areas as well as at locations with rock falling and landsliding hazards at all the power plants and the risks were minimized.

At Seyhan Basin, Enerjisa Üretim supported Adana Metropolitan Municipality and the villagers by completing road improvement and pavement works on a total of 27 km on the common transportation roads of Kavşakbendi and Doğançay Hydroelectric Power Plants, Karahan, Kışlak Gökgöz villages.

Ceyhan Basin

Ceyhan Basin hydroelectric power plants closed the year by going beyond their generation targets by 52%.

Improvement activities were conducted at the power plants located in the basin. In this scope, Hidro 4.0 software was started to be used to enable monitoring of turbine performances and anomaly detection and the software was developed completely with company resources.

North Basin

North Basin hydroelectric power plants closed the year by going staying behind their generation targets by 12%.

Improvement activities were conducted at the power plants located in the basin. In this context;

  • Arkun HEPP SCADA system was rehabilitated.
  • PSS tests were successfully conducted in order to contribute in the safe, reliable and stable operation of the transmission system.
  • Secondary Frequency Control capacity was increased by 50% and updated as 30 MW.

Wind Power Plants

Enerjisa Üretim generates electricity with an installed capacity of 212 MW in three wind farms located in Çanakkale, Dağpazarı and Balıkesir.

Solar Power Plants

Enerjisa Üretim generates electricity with two solar power plants with a total installed capacity of 9 MW in Bandırma and Karabük.

Our solar power plants were designed using advanced technology and Tier-1 products were employed in their installation. In 2020, generation at both solar plants were higher than the targeted amount.

Bandırma Energy Base

With their efficiency, ability to support flexible working regimes, environmentally friendly designs and experienced staff, the 1583 MW Natural Gas Power Plants located in Bandırma Energy Base contribute to Enerjisa Üretim, serve grid security and are the assurance and supporter of the increase in wind installed power in Turkey.

Energy Base has become Turkey's first and pioneering energy base for micro production technologies applications and R&D studies, featuring 2 Natural Gas Power Plants, 1 Solar Power Plant, 1 Hybrid Hydro Power Generation Facility.

Natural Gas Power Plants

At Enerjisa Üretim Bandırma Energy Center located in Bandırma, Balıkesir, Enerjisa Üretim produces energy according to its eco-friendly energy generation mission with Bandırma I Natural Gas Power Plant, which has an installed capacity of 936 MW; Bandırma II Natural Gas Power Plant, which has an installed capacity of 607 MW; and Kentsa Natural Gas Power Plant, which has an installed capacity of 40 MW, in Izmit.

The efficiency and location of Bandırma Power Plants play a crucial role in the security of our national electricity supply and are an active part of the balancing power market. The large capacity of their secondary and primary frequency control reserves helps them actively restore the regional balance.

Kentsa Natural Gas Power Plant was established in Kocaeli, Izmit in 1997 at the Kentsa Facility. With a power generation capacity of 40 MW, the plant continues to provide electricity to Sabancı plants through its 154-kV transmission system.

Bandırma I & II Natural Gas Power Plants

Digitalization project implementations continued increasingly to standardize the ways of doing business in all the processes and to speed up information access in Bandırma I and II Power Plants. As part of monitoring and evaluation works based on data which were started in the previous year, instant monitoring of the power plants and system performances was sustained. In line with this, timely actions were taken with regards to the necessary improvement and maintenance opportunities and optimization works were conducted.

HP Steam Mismatch value which is one of the commissioning requirements for the steam turbine was updated, significant amount of natural gas was saved in the process of commissioning under "Hot Start" conditions and a total carbon footprint reduction of 1025 tons was achieved for the year of 2020. In connection to that, the commissioning process of steam turbine was shortened and improved by 9%.

As part of Bandırma Energy Base works, innovative project works started to be conducted in order to catch up on developing technology and to implement compatible technologies in our power plants in frame of sustainability. In this context, various activities are aimed to be conducted increasingly in 2021 as well such as researching Hydrogen technologies and installing a pilot electrolytic facility, benefiting from EU funds and conducting feasibility studies with domestic universities.

Predictive Maintenance Approach and developed digitalization projects, open work rates were decreased from 4% to 2% and incidental maintenance rates were decreased from 55% to 28%, thus these were improved by approximately 50% compared to the previous year.

In 2020, BI (Borescope Inspection) was conducted at Bandırma-1 Natural Gas Power Plant to assess the status of parts of gas turbines that are subject to high temperatures since 2019 TI (Turbine Inspection) and no negative status was encountered.

In 2020, HGPI (Hot Gas Path Inspection) Extensive Maintenance Works that take 44 days to complete was completed with Siemens at Bandırma-II Natural Gas Power Plant within the scheduled time frame, under the budget and with the desired quality.

Tufanbeyli Domestic Lignite Power Plant

Located in Tufanbeyli, Adana, Enerjisa Üretim Tufanbeyli Domestic Lignite Power Plant commenced operation in 2016. It is one of the largest private and domestic lignite power plants in Turkey with an installed capacity of 450 MW.

Compared to other domestic lignite power plants, Tufanbeyli Power Plant has positioned itself as an environment-friendly and nature-friendly power plant as part of revisions made by Enerjisa Üretim regarding sustainability focus. In 2020, Tufanbeyli Lignite Power Plant;

  • Installation of our solar power plant with a capacity of 496 kW which directly affects internal needs was completed and it was commissioned.
  • Various modifications were done in the systems such as filter systems, ash hoppers, etc. in order to minimize dust emissions inside and around the plant and emission rates were taken down to the lowest level.



Energy Trade


20 TWh


Leader Player in


Market Leader in


Sustainability Supporter

Enerjisa Üretim guides the industry as Turkey’s leading energy trading player with its electricity and natural gas trading companies. We create value for our shareholders by optimizing our generation and commercial portfolios in over-the-counter and organized markets, and for our business partners with structured services such as price-fixing, capacity leasing and balancing services.

As a pioneer and leading player in energy trade, an emerging field of activity in Turkey, Enerjisa Üretim optimizes its diversified electricity generation portfolio of 3.6 GW in over-the-counter and organized markets. In addition, Enerjisa Üretim shows activities in the following subjects:

  • Implementation of energy trade strategies (proprietary trading), independent of its power plants’ generation
  • Cross-border energy trade
  • Natural gas trade
  • Options trade and offers virtual power plant (VPP) solutions
  • Providing fixed-price purchase guarantee and other special solutions for WPPs, SPPs and HEPPs;
  • Balancing services
  • Market access services for spot and futures markets

and creates value for business partners and stakeholders in every link of the trading value chain with structured commercial products such as integrated electricity and natural gas supply and storage solutions for sophisticated customers.

Enerjisa Üretim interprets market dynamics well, analyzes the needs of its stakeholders correctly, manages estimated risks with tools developed by the company and creates value for internal and external stakeholders. And the company never compromises on contractual reliability while managing all these processes.

Expertise in Market Analysis

Enerjisa Üretim stands out in the industry thanks to its acclaimed market analysis efforts. These efforts can be attributed to its expert staff, digitalization steps, internally developed sophisticated models, and diversified portfolio. The Market Analysis Department, which is crucial for teams that make commercial and strategical decisions, has advanced its knowledge of both the domestic and global energy markets.

Electricity and Gas Trade & Structured Products in Energy

Trading volume in energy markets for the year of 2020 occurred lower than expected due to the uncertainties brought by the pandemic. Despite all challenges Enerjisa Üretim secured its position as the industry leader by trading 17 TWh of electricity. Enerjisa Üretim was either the buyer or the seller in the majority of the transactions executed in OTC* markets. Along with the electricity trading, commercial gas activities were also started in 2020 other than purchasing gas for the power plants and 200 mcm of gas was traded.

(*Over The Counter)

Structured products in the trade and energy markets cover the development and implementation of commercial strategies independent of plants, cross-border electricity trade, natural gas trade, balancing services, solutions specific to renewable power plants in the market, and solutions for end consumers.

Cross-Border Electricity Trade

Enerjisa Üretim carried out 113 GWh cross-border trade through its electricity trade company in 2020. The purpose of this trade was to create the highest possible value for all stakeholders by applying various optimization techniques based on the change in electricity prices among Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Hungary and Turkey.

Natural Gas Trade

Enerjisa Üretim aims to provide additional profitability to the company through standard and non-standard commercial transactions by analyzing gas market dynamics in Turkey and the world, to contribute to the company’s growth strategy and to prevent/reduce/transform existing risks.

In 2020, we carried out the following activities in line with this vision:

We diversified our resources in order to make our plants more competitive and we signed flexible commercial purchasing agreements. We used optimization opportunities in the spot gas market with contract and plant flexibilities. In line with this, 1.4 bcm of gas which corresponds to 86% of Bandırma I and Bandırma II Natural Gas Power Plants' consumption was supplied via a natural gas company.

Flexible and Diversified Customer Solutions

Customer Solutions unit offers consumers tailored solutions, whose electricity and gas consumptions are above a certain level, and aims to create energy supply alternatives. In scope of this activity, approximately 4.5 TWh trading was done in line with this activity and an additional turnover was created worth 1.4 billion TL. Becoming one of the sector leaders in these areas of activity in 2021 is among goals of Enerjisa Üretim.

Enerjisa Access Transfers Customers to the Digital World

"Enerjisa Access" service which was brought to life by Enerjisa Üretim is positioned as an important digital tool that may provide answers to all the questions of the customers. Thanks to Enerjisa Access, customers may monitor all their performance (Monitoring) and calculate instantaneous costs. Thus, the monthly bills will not be a surprise for the customers and this will become an area where they can exert more control.

Renewable Energy Consumption and Certification

Enerjisa Üretim is one of the biggest renewable energy generators in Turkey with its renewable’s capacity of 1530 MW. With this power, our primary goal is to develop decarbonization certification projects for Enerjisa Üretim assets and play an important role in the offset or trading mechanism establishment in the best way possible. Secondly, we want to position Enerjisa Üretim as a market actor known in the voluntary carbon market. With this purpose in mind, not only our large segment customers, but also medium scale export companies and other organizations that need this certification in the international arena will be in our target market.




Sustainability concept at Enerjisa Üretim is based on providing the value the company creates for its stakeholders in a consistent way, not only today but also in the future. Enerjisa Üretim deals with sustainable energy generation and trade in its business strategy at the highest level and positions it in the center of all of its activities.

Enerjisa Üretim Sustainability Strategy

Protecting health and Safety of its employees and society

Environmental protection

Uninterrupted electricity supply, essential for the society

Legislative harmonization

Physical asset security

Performing commercial activities and commitments

Continuing its works in order for ensuring long-term continuity in its above targets, Enerjisa Üretim manages all positive or negative environmental, social and economic effects occurred or may occur in its operational regions with this sustainability approach. For Enerjisa Üretim, the sustainability approach is a holistic approach that needs to be integrated to the decision-making and performance styles of all employees. In this respect, it is important that all employees adopt and follow the studies carried out regarding sustainability.

Strategic Targets

Many environmental and social projects are being performed with the sustainability approach that also serves for the United Nation’s Development Purposes.

Environmental Protection

Within the scope of Environmental Protection priority, Climate Change, Emission, Circular Economy approach and Biodiversity are at the forefront.


The employees are evaluated for the subjects of Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Satisfaction (Attractive Employer), Ethics and Harmonization in accordance with their sustainability priorities.

Supply Security

Includes digitalization, process safety, innovation and renewable energy sources.

Stakeholder Participation

Shows activities in Voluntary Social Responsibility projects and Training subjects (academic and professional).

Subjects of High Priority

Environmental Protection

  • Climate Change
  • Emission
  • Circular Economy
  • Biodiversity


  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Attractive Employer
  • Ethics and Compliance

Supply Security

  • Digitalization
  • Process Security
  • Innovation
  • Renewable Energy Investments

Stakeholder Participation

  • Voluntary Social Security Projects*
  • Education (academical and professional)

*Children, Gender, Forestation, Street Animals

Enerjisa Üretim, became the first electricity generation company in Turkey to receive the ISO 55001 Asset Management Certificate. All Enerjisa Generation Plants have been awarded the TSE Covid-19 Safe Generation Certificate by implementing effective measures regarding the pandemic. Thus, it became the first electricity generation company to have this certificate among wind power plants and thermal power plants.


Energy Efficiency

At Enerjisa Üretim's power plants, selecting environment-friendly and efficient energy technologies and operating these in a productive manner are at the forefront. In line with this, Bandırma I and Bandırma II Power Plants operate with an approximate efficiency of 60% as high efficiency natural gas power plants.

Tufanbeyli Thermal Power Plant is one of the highest efficiency power plants in Turkey thanks to the improvement works conducted in 2020 and prior. In 2020, energy consumption was decreased by approximately 8000 MWh with the fuel consumption reduction projects conducted at Tufanbeyli Power Plant.

GHG Monitoring & Green Certificates

In line with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization’s regulation on the monitoring of GHG emissions, the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions was verified by the accredited organizations, which have been authorized by the Ministry since 2015.

Ayrıca, Enerjisa Üretim’in 3 adet santrali (Balıkesir RES, Çanakkale RES, Dağpazarı RES) 2020 yılı içinde Gold Standard ile doğrulama denetimlerini tamamlanmıştır. Buna ek olarak, Yenilenebilir Enerji Kaynak Garanti Belgesi (YEK-G) Yönetmeliği gereği, oluşturulması plananan YEK-G için de ön hazırlık çalışmaları yürütülmektedir.


Biodiversity implementations of Enerjisa Üretim are evaluated in a manner specific to each power plant area. Ecological assessments on the regions where we will operate are conducted by the expert academicians prior to the construction stage.

Yamanlı-Arkun Wildlife

Works have been conducted as part of Adana-Kahramanmaraş Hançerderesi Wildlife Conservation Area Development and Management Plan.

Waste Management

The main element of Enerjisa Üretim's waste management is prevention of waste production. Relevant processes should be reviewed starting from the design stage of the power plants in order to prevent and minimize waste production at its source.

In 2020, 15 power plants of Enerjisa Üretim received Zero Waste Certificates given by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Zero Waste Certificates of the remaining power plants and headquarter is planned to be received within 2021. Additionally, 18 power plants and headquarter of Enerjisa Üretim has been awarded the ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Certificate. Certification audit performed in 2020 by independent organization was successfully completed with no major or minor findings.

Social Policies

In parallel to its sustainability approach, Enerjisa Üretim aims to prevent social and environmental impacts that may be encountered by its local stakeholders, and going beyond that, to contribute in the welfare of these regions and communities. We develop and implement various projects based on volunteering in the subjects of Children, Gender Equality, Forestation and Street Animals.


We Green our Future

Forestation works and contributions have been made by Enerjisa Üretim volunteers. As part of this project, more than a 100 thousand trees were planted and 256 Enerjisa Üretim personnel participated in these works.

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Social Gender Equality

Equal Energy

"Equal Energy" is an in-house organization based on voluntariness that was established to encourage gender equality among company employees as well as in the community and to empower women. Support Procedure against Domestic Violence was published in 2020 in order to raise awareness about domestic violence and to create a work place culture that involve solidarity in this issue. As Enerjisa Üretim, we published "Gender Equality Manifesto" that was developed in order to create gender equality in business processes and that was supported by good practices. Mentor-Mentee program was initiated inside the company for woman employees in order to support women in their career journeys. A mask production workshop was established at Tufanbeyli with participation of 21 volunteering women with the purpose of fight against Covid-19 pandemic. With the support of Equal Energy Group, sewing machines, overlock machine and consumable materials were supplied for the workshop. A total of 35,000 masks were produced. In collaboration with the local public organizations, 35,000 reusable masks were distributed to the houses at Tufanbeyli. With this, we provided support to the fight against Covid-19 pandemic at a local level and we enabled women to develop their income generating skills.


Smiling Eyes

Enerjisa Üretim continues its efforts to ensure that children receive a qualified education, that sport is a part of their lives and to raise a healthy, modern and visionary generation. A children's book series made up of 6 books is being prepared from which the children will learn electricity generation processes from various resources such as water, sun and wind in a fun way. "Where do they find so much energy?" and "Infinite Energy of the Wind" titled books were also published as audio books for children.

Street Animals

One Cup of Energy

Works have been performed with the purposes of improving life areas of street animals nearby power plant areas of Enerjisa Üretim, solving health problems of the animals with support of experts. 16 cat houses and 32 dog houses were built in the settlements, 5,500 kg of animal food were supplied. 20 feeding stations were built for street animals. A total of 99 animals were sterilized with the cooperation of Haytap. Periodical veterinary services were given for the animals. Employees supported the project on a volunteering basis which aimed at raising and increasing awareness for protection of animals.



Our Mission

We generate energy for a better future by respecting life.

Our Goal

To be an energy company that continuously improve its knowledge base, sets standards and drives the future of the sector.

We are in Pursuit of Excellence.

We do not permit mediocrity,
we always strive for excellence.

We take ownership of our work

We assume responsibility,
and take initiative.

We honor our promises

We commit to our word and
do not make promises that we can’t keep.

We are a Team:

We win together,
we lose together.



Dear Shareholders,

In 2020, the pandemic that had devastating impacts all around the world proved once more how important and vital the efforts of the employees working in the energy sector are. All Enerjisa Üretim teams have devotedly put and are still putting all their efforts day and night to sustain the electricity production. I would like to thank each and every member of these teams for their commitments.

2020 was a challenging year with economic and operational fluctuations endured in the energy industry as well as many other sectors due to the effects of the pandemic. Despite the adverse conditions, Enerjisa Üretim, the leading energy production company in Turkey, continued to contribute to the security of supplies in the country with its strong portfolio and development and deepening of the energy market with its commercial activities.

Health of our employees have always been a material issue for Enerjisa Üretim regardless of the pandemic. During this period, we took further new measures for the Coronavirus and were granted “TSE Covid-19 Safe Generation Certificate” for all power plants and the headquarter of Enerjisa Üretim. During the pandemic, Enerjisa Üretim successfully completed two major maintenance projects that had different dynamics and included hundreds of sub-contractors. Maximised measures and pandemic management plans resulted in successful outcomes regarding the processes.

In 2020, Enerjisa Üretim sustained its dynamic production portfolio advantage, which is among its significant competitive advantages, with its installed capacity of 3,607 MW from diversified, flexible, dynamic and high-efficiency energy resources. Carrying out all its activities to achieve a reliable and sustainable energy production with a particular focus on operational excellence, Enerjisa Üretim maintained the maximum availability of its power plants.

Abiding by the environmental laws and regulations while carrying out its operations, the company fulfilled the environmental standards at a maximum level.

Despite the instability in financial markets and serious fluctuations in currency exchange rates, Enerjisa Üretim seized the emerging commercial opportunities as well as the optimisation activities in the electricity market and created significant value in 2020.

Enerjisa Üretim signed the largest Sustainability-linked Loan Deal in Turkey by signing a 650-million-Euro worth sustainability-related loan agreement with 7 banks. Thus, the contract replaced the long-term loans that Enerjisa Üretim had taken during its establishment period with this new financing and strengthened its already concrete financial statement more. The company decreased its total debt amount while providing great support to its renewable energy investments that it will take over in the following periods with the agreement. Furthermore, Enerjisa Üretim completed the required structuring for the sustainable dividend to be provided to its shareholders as from 2021 thanks to its concrete financial structure.

Enerjisa Üretim was successfully managed in 2020 with the contribution of the advantage facilitated by its stabile and flexible production portfolio, operational excellency, commercial and portfolio optimisation activities. Electricity trade licenses were obtained in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia in order to transform the company's trade experience into value at foreign markets.

56% of the total installed capacity of Enerjisa Üretim is composed of domestic renewable energy resources. This significant percentage highly contributes to the goals related to the competitiveness of the portfolio of Enerjisa Üretim, as well as the energy supply security in Turkey and improvement of current account balance. As the pioneering and leading player in the developing and deepening energy trade in Turkey, Enerjisa Üretim facilitated the effective optimisation of the largest production portfolio operated by the private sector in Turkey in futures market, days-ahead, intraday and balancing power markets; and created value for its stakeholders. Thus, the company successfully manages commerce activities related to electricity and natural gas products through futures and option contracts in Turkey and Eastern European countries in particular, besides neighbouring countries.

2020 was also a year that witnessed several record-breaking achievements of Enerjisa Üretim. At its Tufanbeyli Power Plant, the company broke its wind and solar power plants production record in 2020. Limited resources optimisation works were carried out for Tufanbeyli Power Plant and the power plant’s operational actions were supported by the optimisation outcomes despite the challenging winter conditions. Enerjisa Üretim hydroelectric power plants achieved a record-breaking production of 3.6 TWh and increased its availability to 97.4%. On the other hand, company’s wind power plants achieved a record-breaking production of 713 GWh with an availability of 97.9%.

In 2020, Enerjisa Üretim stood out with its growth steps in renewable energy field. In March 2020, the company signed Renewable Energy Resources Zone (YEKA) contracts with the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. At the same time, works regarding Erciyes Wind Power Plant were also continued and the process related to getting a construction permit is ongoing. When Erciyes Wind Power Plant project and YEKA projects are completed, Enerjisa Üretim will be including a total of 565 MW renewable energy to its portfolio.

Enerjisa Üretim, beyond doubt, will sustain its successful performance in 2021 and continue to add value to its stakeholders. Hence, the material issues of the company in 2021 will be operational excellence and digitalisation, creating value in commerce with cross-border and innovative products, growth in non-capital-intensive areas, seize new opportunities that may emerge from renewable energy resources and dynamic portfolio management. Effective management of cash flow and financial sustainability is an essential part of the company strategy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank particularly our CEO and all our managers and employees for their successful performances despite the challenging conditions we endured.


Board of Management

  • Dr. Eric Rene C. DEPLUET graduated from Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen.
  • He started his career at Klöckner & Co. Depluet, who joined Ruhrgas AG in 1994 and worked in many senior positions joined E.ON Hungary in 2004 and served as a Member of the Board of Directors. He served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at E.ON AG. He served as Chairman and General Manager of E.ON Hungary in Budapest until 2018.
  • He has been working as E.ON AG's Senior Vice President in charge of Turkey since mid-2019. In addition, he continues to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Enerjisa Üretim and Vice Chairman of the Board of Enerjisa Enerji.
  • After graduating from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering, Kıvanç Zaimler completed her further studies at the Technical University Of Berlin.
  • He started his career in the Turkish Electricity Industry and held various managerial positions at RAM Foreign Trade and Aygaz.
  • Since 2008, he has served as Trade Director, General Manager of Distribution Companies, General Manager of Sales Companies, and then CEO at Enerjisa. He has been working as the Energy Group President since July 2018.
  • Taking an active role in non-governmental organizations, Zaimler is also a member of the World Energy Council and SHURA Advisory Council, as well as the Chairman of Sabancı Holding Enerjisa Energy, Vice Chairman of Enerjisa Production, and SabancıDx Board Member.
  • Taking an active role in non-governmental organizations, Zaimler is the Vice President of the Turkish National Committee of the World Energy Council, the President of TUSIAD Energy Work Group, YASED, Elder, Sabancı University Istanbul International Energy, and Climate Center (IICEC) Board Member and the SHURA Advisory Council Member, as well as the Chairman of Sabancı Holding Enerjisa Energy, the Vice Chairman of Enerjisa Üretim, and a Member of the SabancıDx Board of Directors.
  • After graduating from the Business and Business Law Departments of Lund and Växjö University, Johan Mörnstam completed the Executive MBA program at Lund University, Sweden.
  • He started his professional career as a business controller at Fylgia Invest in 1988. Mörnstam later joined the energy company Sydgas, which was acquired by the E.ON Group. After working in various managerial positions, he was appointed as the Vice President of Commodity Portfolio Optimization at E.ON.
  • He served as CEO of E.ON Energidistribution AB, one of Sweden's largest electricity and gas distribution companies, between 2014 and 2019.
  • Mörnstam has been serving at E.ON Group as Senior Vice President of European Energy Grids, responsible for energy and gas distribution in Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, and Turkey since 2020. He has also been a Member of the Executive Board of Enerjisa Enerji and Enerjisa Üretim for 1 year.
  • He completed his BA in Economics from Istanbul University and his MA in Energy and Technology Management from Sabancı University.
  • He started his career at Marsa-Kraft Foods International. Later, he served as the Head of Human Resources and Corporate Competencies in the Food Group, Sabancı Holding, Kordsa Global, Akçansa, and Enerjisa in Sabancı Group respectively.
  • He has been working as the "Human Resources Group President" at Sabancı Group since 2018.
  • In addition to his current role, Timur is also serving as Executive Committee member at Sabancı Holding and Executive Board member at Çimsa, Avivasa, Carrefoursa,Enerjisa Enerji, Enerjisa Üretim Santralleri, Teknosa and Sabancı DX.
  • Dr. Verena VOLPERT completed her undergraduate degree in business administration
  • She held various positions in the finance department of Bertelsmann Media Company, including the Head of Finance.
  • Volpert joined E.ON in 2006 and served as responsible for Treasury, Corporate and Structural Finance, Financial Control, Financial Reconciliation, Asset Management, and Insurance services.
  • After graduating from Boğaziçi University, Department of Business Administration, he completed his MBA at the University of Georgia.
  • He started his career as an auditor at Price Waterhouse Coopers and from 1998 to 2003, worked at Sara Lee Corp in Chicago IL, in audit, finance, and treasury/capital markets. Between 2003 and 2006, he worked as Senior Manager at Ernst and Young initially in Minneapolis, MN, and then in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India regions.
  • He started working at Kordsa Global in 2006 and held positions of Internal Audit Director, Global Finance Director, and CFO respectively. Later, he served as Finance Director, Planning, Reporting, Finance Department Head at Sabancı Holding.
  • He has been serving as Finance Group President at Sabancı Holding since 2016. Additionally, Oran serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Teknosa, Managing Director of Sabanci DX and he is a member of the Board of Directors of Brisa, Çimsa, Carrefoursa, Enerjisa Enerji, Enerjisa Uretim, and Philip Morris SA.
  • He is also a Member of the Board of TUSIAD.

Dear Shareholders,

Struggling so much as Enerjisa Üretim group, we have successfully left behind 2020, a year to be remembered with challenging market and pandemic conditions for both the whole world and our sector. We have left behind a year in which we gained successful outcomes despite the pandemic with the help of advantages emerged from our flexible, competing, fruitful, balanced and environment-friendly power plants and our timely cautions. In accordance with our mission of generating energy for a better future while respecting for life, we managed our projects without compromising our principles.

Our top priority is “Occupational Health and Safety” said we in 2020, either. Our biggest goal is to create an Enerji Üretim where we have realized our “No Work Accident” principle and everyone acts with an awareness of an Occupational Health and Safety expert. Within this context, we are managing our processes much more quickly and limberly integrating state-of-art technologies to our business processes. We are realizing various projects to improve and accelerate us in terms of Occupational Health and Safety in accordance with our digitalization goals. The artificial intelligence technology, engaged in 5 different power plants of Enerjisa Üretim, warns the relevant units immediately following the footages from security cameras and detecting any kind of condition and behavior risky for the health and safety of the employees in real time and thus increasing the productivity. This successful product, emerged out of our long hours spent with Intenseye company in the framework of our Safety Vision project and our mutual support for each other, has been able to receive an seed investment support of 4-million-dollars. Our organization is always open to various opportunities for trying new technologies and offering platforms to innovative approaches.

Our goal in Enerjisa Üretim is to keep struggling with a team spirit comprising of always happy and successful employees. We regard our employees, our companions in this struggle, not as sources but as values. This is why we have changed the name of our Human Resources Department to “People and Culture”. In accordance with our human-oriented understanding, we regard our employees as the focal point of the corporation and offer opportunities for their improvement. Led by our Human and Culture team, each year we are building an Enerjisa Üretim where there are no hierarchical boundaries and employee loyalty is increasing.

Covid-19 Pandemic was our most important struggle in 2020, for sure. The employees in energy sector came to the foreground as the most important actors behind the scenes. I thank to all our employees of all power plants of ours who keep generating with a great dedication and contribute to the national struggle of our country while being far away from their families and homes working day and night.

Our all wind, hydro-electrical and thermal power plants in Enerji Üretim portfolio including our headquarters completed their controls for TSE COVID-19 Safe Generation Certificate with zero non-conformance successfully, which made us feel honored. We did our best to protect our employees’ health and sustain electric generation without interruption and we still do.

Enerjisa Üretim founded Senkron forming an infrastructure with the goal of digitalization to manage the whole portfolio under one roof. Breaking a new ground in Turkey, Enerjisa Üretim put Senkron Central Operation Room into use and thus operations of all hydroelectric power plants began to be conducted in this office located at İstanbul Headquarters. Senkron started remote operation processes of 12 hydroelectric power plants within on 16th November 2020 and in addition to these processes, it manages control systems of Wind, Solar and Thermal power plants and realizes process monitoring. I feel so proud that Enerjisa Üretim is one of the best examples of a realized goal of digitalization and excellency. We always dream better as Enerjisa Üretim and take firm steps forward as a leading company in digitalization.

Enerjisa Üretim is a structure that directs the sector with the help of operational excellency works focusing on environmental and social performance and constant improvement culture. It is also strong with high generation performance and cash flow. It keeps generating for constant energy supply with its 21 power plants whose 56% comprises of national and renewable resources and its investments. We gained a capacity of 500 MW in Wind Renewable Energy Resource Fields (YEKA) tender realized in 2019 for second time. With the help of wind power plants that we will found in Aydın and Çanakkale, we caught the possibility and potentiality for heightening our total generation capacity to 4107 MW and increasing the share of green investments in our portfolio. As Enerjisa Üretim , keeping this acceleration and making investments in the renewable field, one of our strategical priorities, are among our top priorities. Turkey’s biggest Loan Contract Related to Sustainability which we signed with 7 banks will support us while realizing this potential. Assuring all our shareholders, we will continue with the goal of “creating sustainable value”. I firmly believe that this step we have made with the banks, which we collaborated in journey for growth, would contribute a lot to Turkey’s economy and supply safety.

In 2020, we, as the leading energy generation and trade company of Turkey, produced nearly 50% energy from national and renewable energy sources with our portfolio comprising of our power plants in the operational field of 3607 MW. With the help of our improvements and ameliorations, we, as Enerjisa Üretim , increased our availability rates to a very good degree. We generated 3.6 TWh electricity with a 97,35% availability in our hydroelectric power plants, 0.7 TWh electricity with a 97.88% availability rate and 2.8 TWh electricity with 87.73% availability rate in our Tufanbeyli Power Plant. These technical achievements we have gained in all branches strengthened our financial position, too. Tufanbeyli Power Plant, Turkey’s most modern national lignite power plant founded by private sector, set a record with the energy it generated despite the pandemic conditions in 2020. We are happy that we set generation record for three years in this constant generation journey and take firm steps forward after excellency. Our only record was not generation record in our national lignite power plant, we also broke another record having the best year of generation performance of our Wind and Solar Power Plants. In 2021, we will keep generating for a better future while respecting for the life itself.

2020 was the year when everything turned upside-down with the effects of the pandemic. One of the most important factors of this change is to consider the needs of our shareholders and our world rather than to care about only financial data. Accordingly, as per our mission “generating energy for a better future while respecting the life”, we handle “Sustainable Energy Generation and Trade” our top priority in our business strategy and put it in the center of our studies. With our sustainability approach to serve United Nations’ Sustainable Development Tools, we realize many environmental and social projects. As a team, we conduct and manage these projects in consonance with our principles. And we are also being the breath for the future with more than 100.000 saplings we have planted.

2020 was a successful year in operational and financial terms for Enerjisa Üretim despite all the challenging factors. I owe a sincere debt of gratitude to my precious teammates, who share the same goal with us and avoid no self-sacrifice, for your invaluable contributions to achieving this.

If you have Enerjisa Üretim, then you have the constant Energy!


Leadership Team


He graduated from Bogaziçi University Civil Engineering Department before his mba degree at Sabancı University He successfully completed the Advanced Management program of WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. He got started in business at the Project Control Engineer position at the Bechtel-Enka joint venture before being hired at Enerjisa in 2008. He is now Enerjisa Üretim CEO since January 1, 2020. His number one passion is riding a bicycle and loves team sports and basketball. He is married and the father of two.


She has graduated from the Business Department-Orta Doğu Technical University before completing the MBA program in 2002 at the University of Wisconsin, before being . She launched her career in 1997 in Turkey, at the Coca-Cola İçecek company. She has about 24 years of business experience And now works as Enerjisa Üretim CFO since September 2019. Writing historiettes and poems and painting are among her area of interests. She is married and the mother of two.


He completed his undergraduate program at the Public Administration department of Marmara University before completing his postgraduate at the Georgia Southern University. The launched his career in 1991 at Mutlu Akü company. He has about 30 years of business experience, and has been hired by Enerjisa Üretim in 2017 at the Human and Culture Leader position. He is fan of Beşiktaş football team and watching football matches and playing basketball and bowling are among his fields of interest. He is father of two.


Graduated from the Engineering Department of Bogaziçi University in 2001 before completing his postgraduate at the Department of Business of Koç University. He launched his career at the Planning Engineer position of the Bechtel-Enka Joint Venture, and has about 19 years of business experience. He has been hired by Enerjisa Üretim for the Business and Technical Vice President in 2018. Sailing and motorsports are among his fields of interest. He is married and father of two.


Graduated in 2005 from the Boğaziçi University Economy Department, before completing his MBA with the collaboration of Sabancı University - M.I.T. Sloan Management School. Launched his career at the Black-River Asset Management company at the position of Analyst, -he has about 16 years of business experience hold different positions at the Strategy and Business Development function while creating the expansion portfolio of Enerjisa between 2009-2018. Performs the duty of Vice President-Strategy and Portfolio Management at Enerjisa Üretim since 2018. Sailing and cinema are among his fields of interests. He is married and the father of one.


He graduated from Orta Doğu Technical University Industrial Engineering department before completing his International Business Management degree at Kingston University in 2009. Launched his career in by 2010-2011 at JJ Food Service company. In 2011 returned in Turkey and has been hired the same year by Enerjisa at the positions of specialist and executive of Energy Trading and Risk Management. He has about 11 years of business experience, and works as Energy Markets Director at Enerjisa Üretim since July 2019. Football, history and traveling are among his fields of interests. He is married and is father of two.


He has graduated from Doğuş University Industrial Engineering department before completing his postgraduate in Austria, at the IT Business Solutions Department of the Alpen-Adria University, has completed a senior executive program named Business Leaders in France, at HECV Business School. He launched his career in 2001, at Advancity Internet Çözümleri company, and has about 20 years of business experience. Has been hired by Enerjisa in July 2019, at the position of Director of Information Technologies, Technology, music, amateur astronomy and whiskey culture are among his fields of interests. He is married and is father of three.