Özlem Ayas and her daughter Mira from our head office

People & Culture Practices

In the new period we call Üretim Next, we aim to make Enerjisa Üretim a company that makes the best use of data, has become a benchmark with its digital competencies, expanded its commercial activities in Europe and started its operations in other continents. Our greatest strength here is our “people”.

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Ahsen, daughter of Hüseyin Ufuk from our Köprü Power Plant

Training and Development

We design learning and development tools to enhance our behavioural, professional and leadership competencies in line with the strategic goals and the needs of the employees.

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Mert, son of Özkan Acar from our Bandırma Power Plant

Occupational Health & Safety

Instead of defining Occupational Health and Safety as a priority, we consider it as an indispensable part of our corporate culture adopting the slogan “OHS At All Times”.

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People & Culture Practices

In the new period we call Üretim Next, we aim to make Enerjisa Üretim a company that makes the best use of data, has become a benchmark with its digital competencies, expanded its commercial activities in Europe and started its operations in other continents. Our greatest strength here is our “people”.

In order to realize this journey, we implement practices and new initiatives that will contribute to our people and our industry -as we have stated in the purpose of our company’s existence- and shape them according to the conditions and requirements suitable for our age with an agile approach; as well as work on a supportive culture based on continuous development and progress. By putting the transformation at the centre of our strategy, we produce plans and projects not just for the present but for the future of our business, business environment and people

Ayşegül Gürkale, People and Culture Assistant General Manager, and her daughters Melis ve Selen

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Number of Employees


Age Average of Our Team

At Enerjisa Üretim our greatest value is our people, who constantly generate for a better future and put forth their efforts every day. We invest heavily on each one of them, in line with their goals and dreams.

People & Culture Practices

We become stronger by saying “People First” in every step we take. We see our team members as values, not as resources; and create opportunities for their personal development.

We develop applications that meet the needs of all our team members as well as the requirements of the future, and desire these applications to bring knowledge, experience and competent people to the sector.

At Enerjisa Üretim;

We create opportunities for our people in order for them not only to specialize in a single field, but also to gain experience and develop skills in many different realms, thanks to our digital and commercial activities and brand new entrepreneurial competencies, enabling them to generate with 5 different technologies.

Individual Development Plans

We focus on the potential of our team members beyond their performance and provide an environment where they can receive 360-degrees feedback for their development. With leadership potential inventories, leadership style and organizational climate inventories, and development centre practices, we implement methods where they can increase their awareness and directly determine the focus and direction for their development plans.

Organizational Success Plan

We regularly evaluate the needs and progress of the organization and our people every year. In this evaluation process, we study future plans, future expectations and development needs of each person in the organization, and make short, medium and long-term plans accordingly.


One of the areas where we support local development is employment. At Tufanbeyli Power Plant, we have increased local employment by 100% in the last five years. In this sense, we have increased the annual resource transferred to the district.

The three schools named after our company where we organize activities are Enerjisa Soysallı Middle School, Enerjisa Bandırma Science High School and Enerjisa Tufanbeyli Vocational and Technical High School. At the same time, we also create development opportunities locally. All senior students of Enerjisa Üretim Tufanbeyli Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which we have established under the auspices of the Sabancı Foundation, started their internship training at Tufanbeyli Power Plant.

Sana göre

Our Flexible Benefits Practice:

“Sana Göre” (Just For you) Programme

Our employees attain the opportunity to arrange their existing fringe benefits according to their individual needs.

Our appreciation-recognition system:

İyi ki Varsın (Glad to Have You)

Feedback is one of the most important tools to create awareness and improve. It is equally important to make the feedback exchange independent of time and place and work 360 degrees. Employees both appreciate each other and earn points by sending badges in the system to each other. Redeemable electronic points earned by employees can be used on the shopping portal with over 900 suppliers and brands.

Employee Data Analysis

We aim to shape our short/medium/ long-term initiatives and enhance the employee experience by identifying actions that are consistent with our Company and People and Culture strategies with analyses based on employee data.

Labour Relations

We aim to continuously improve the aspects of Occupational Safety that are open to development at the level of Human and Culture.

With the studies carried out,

  • We set standards and provide awareness in terms of employee rest periods.
  • By constantly reviewing their overtime hours, we aim to improve the well-being of the human dimension of occupational safety.


At Enerjisa Üretim, we support the careers of our employees with our ever- growing business portfolio, so that they can take the initiative to develop not only in a single area of expertise, but also in different areas, and undertake the responsibilities of career development, both by progressing in a single discipline and gaining skills in different disciplines.

genç fikir

Our reverse mentoring programme:

Genç Fikir (Young Ideas)

The programme, which includes our employees under the age of 30, aims to create a sharing environment where ideas can be expressed explicitly between the senior management and the new generation, by supporting generations to co-work in tandem and learn from each other.

Training and Development

We design learning and development tools to enhance our behavioural, professional and leadership competencies in line with the strategic goals and the needs of the employees. In addition to the training, we also benefit from tools such as coaching/mentoring opportunities, foreign language training, experiential learning methods and special training tools developed by VR technologies. As well as face-to-face options, our online training platform, E-Development portal, provide innovative and rich content.

Enerjisa Üretim Academy

By means of Enerjisa Üretim Academy, which has completed its second year, we have further developed our new generation training journey, in which our colleagues can develop their skills, follow the latest technologies and learn while having fun and gaining new perspectives, in line with our Spektrum philosophy.

We provide unique technical experiences, which are the first examples in the industry, via 712 training topics in our training catalogue, and specific training such as ManeVRa and Wind Turbine prepared with VR technology.

On our E-development platform, where the number of trainings has increased by 50% thanks to the original training contents designed by internal trainers who are experts in their fields, we offer 148 active trainings specific to Enerjisa Üretim.

In 2022, we supported the technical development of our colleagues with an average of 102 hours of training per employee, with 27.504 hours of technical training over the E-Development portal and 65,455 hours face-to- face.

Master & Doctorate Study Support

“Continuous learning” and “progress” are at the forefront of the most important elements of our culture. In addition to in- house resources, we support our employees’ graduate and doctorate studies financially in order to create motivation in this regard.

Power MBA Professional Development Programme

With our Power MBA Professional Development Programme, which we carry out every year in cooperation with Sabancı University EDU, we create an important opportunity for people who want to advance their careers in the energy sector in terms of recognizing and choosing their fields of expertise and/or developing a professional perspective.

We learn from each other in a broad framework, and gain a strong perspective on the energy ecosystem, on topics such as scientific infrastructure, markets, generation technologies, financial dimensions, strategic depth and the future of energy. We offer a significant opportunity for those who want to advance their careers in this field, in terms of getting to know and choose their areas of expertise and/or improving their professional perspective.

Within the scope of the 9-month programme, our participants; have in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of energy, management in energy, the future of the energy sector, and business and technical issues.

After the programme, with the Power MBA Alumni group, we continue to contribute to the personal development of our graduates, their communication with each other and with the sector respectively.

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Orion Experience and Development Programme

With Orion, which we have designed to prepare 4th year university students and new graduates for business life, we offer new participants a 7-month experience and development opportunity every year.

While aiming to bring the technical competencies of the relevant department to the candidates selected within the scope of the departments determined in each phase; we provide young people with the opportunity to take a real step into their careers with various workshops, group studies, 1-1 mentoring on the career path, power plant trips, vocational and behavioural competency trainings, seminars, guest speakers and the project at the end of the programme.

University Collaborations and Events

As Enerjisa Üretim, we play a part as speakers in the following programmes with our expert colleagues from our organisation: Istanbul Technical University, the Fuel Chemistry and Technology course of the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Programme, Energy Markets and Optimization course of the Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Programme; Boğaziçi University, Planning Aspects of Hydroelectric Power Plants course of the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Programme; and Kayseri University Yahyalı Vocational School.

At the same time, we participate in career fairs, summits, and industry-specific days at universities with our speakers and booth, and we meet with students to inform them about the energy industry and Enerjisa Üretim. In this context, we participated in 17 university events in 2022.

Equality for Women at Work Certificate

As Enerjisa Üretim, we became the first energy company in the industry to receive the Equality for Women at Work Certificate.

The independent certification inspection was carried out by the British audit company Intertek, which provides services in many different sectors, from inspection, surveillance, testing, quality control and certification, in more than 100 countries.

At Enerjisa Üretim, we continue to contribute to the sector by continuing our efforts to ensure gender equality and prevent all kinds of discrimination.

Well-Being Practices

Hobby Clubs

At Enerjisa Üretim, we have different hobby clubs such as Art, Games, Gastronomy, Travel and Sports. These clubs support our colleagues from different departments to come together to acquire new hobbies and socialize. We organize many social events, from cultural tours to football and bowling tournaments, from gastronomic events to art activities, and both increase them in numbers as well as diversify them every year.

Enerjine Sağlık (Bless Your Energy)

With our well-being programme “Enerjine Sağlık”, which we conduct involving our employees and their families in all our locations, we aim to raise awareness of health and well- being of our employees and to guide them towards sustainable behavioural change.

Waste Management

With the measures we have taken in our offices and fields, we have reduced our plastic consumption by 44% in 2022 in comparison to the previous year.

Occupational Health & Safety


Instead of defining Occupational Health and Safety as a priority, we consider it as an indispensable part of our corporate culture adopting the slogan “OHS At All Times”. We review our operations every year, revise the processes when necessary, and raise our standards to a higher level. All of our employees, who define themselves as OHS volunteers, play an important role in creating and maintaining safer and healthier conditions and attitudes.

5S Activities

With the 5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardise and Sustain) technique, which is the baseline level of total productive maintenance, we are moving forward with the goals of changing the thinking system and behaviour of the employees, ensuring early diagnosis of problems, creating a pleasant working environment and “Zero Accident, Zero Defect, Zero Failure”.


In addition to our “Always OHS” approach, which enables us to focus on the health of our employees, we are also working to be a pioneer in the sector with our digital applications.

ENSAFE (Occupational Health and Safety and Legal Compliance Tracking Software)
We analyse and evaluate the dangers and risks within the scope of our activities and minimise them accordingly.

YES (Integrated System for Contractors)
It is the system we have developed to involve contractors in Enerjisa Üretim OHS processes and raise awareness.

Fark@ (Mobile OHS Software)
It is the software we use in order to ensure that both our company and contractor employees can record the dangerous situations they observe as well as the near miss events they experience so as to create immediate solutions before further serious incidents occur.

Safety Vision
Thanks to Safety Vision, a software which we developed with a start-up company including using the existing cameras in our power plants, we ensure that OHS processes are measured and reported in real time with an accuracy rate of over 90%.


As a company, we accept the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, applicable international standards and the rules of Sabancı Holding and E.ON as our compass, and take the Compliance Manual as the key guide for compliance. We prepare all our compliance policies and procedures in accordance with the framework drawn up by this booklet which is announced on our company’s corporate website.

With our rules and policies on compliance, we define the company’s legal responsibilities such as competition law, anti-bribery, anti-money laundering and corruption, personal data protection law, as well as our responsibilities to customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and business partners, competitors and society respectively.

For effective and efficient management in terms of compliance culture, we regularly provide interactive trainings to our employees in the digital environment, and follow up on their participation with physical and classroom trainings held both at our power plants and in our head office, in a supportive manner.

Our compliance issues are followed up by our Chief Legal Counsel and Compliance Advisor. The Compliance Advisor receives a report every 6 months from all our departments regarding their compliance with the legal legislation and regulatory regulations they are responsible for. In addition, we provide support to respective departments regarding the follow-up of sanctions, export controls and adverse news that may arise by customers and suppliers through any digital application.

The resolution of compliance violations, actions to be taken and current situation reporting are handled by the CEO, CFO, HR Assistant General Manager, General Counsel, and in the case of ethical rules, at regular meetings conducted every 6 months with our Compliance Board, including the Internal Audit Director.

While audits and investigation activities regarding ethical issues are carried out directly by our Internal Audit Directorate, our Ethics Rule Consultant is authorized for ethical rules.

In 2022, no case of violation of compliance, including bribery and corruption, was detected regarding our company, neither in the audits carried out nor in the complaints and notifications.

As a result of the work of the Legal and Compliance Consultancy, we have joined the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, the world’s largest and most comprehensive sustainability initiative, and are committed to comply with the 10 basic principles determined under 4 main headings in all business processes and to report our work in this context every year accordingly.

We became a member of the Ethics and Compliance Association (TEID) in 2022 and continue participating in their events.