In a world of constant change, digitalization is essential for companies to remain competitive and efficient. The energy sector, which faces difficulties in providing sustainable energy, also adopts digitalization at this point. Technology helps energy companies optimize their operations, increase energy efficiency, improve the customer experience and stay prepared against cyber threats.

The accelerated growth in technology has brought the cyber security risk to the highest level, especially for energy companies. In this respect, as Enerjisa Üretim, we continue our digitalization journey in all our business units.

We are at a distinctive point in the sector with our business operation and trade processes, the digital products we have developed, and our colleagues whose digital competencies are constantly improving. We attach great importance to data-driven decision making and data access. We create opportunities to use our machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions in every aspect of our business.

We follow sectoral and regional threat groups and continuously improve our security layers by obtaining threat intelligence services on a global scale. We also became one of the few companies that completed the SASE transformation, which is included in the 2025 predictions of technology analysts.


We continued our start-up collaborations this year as well.

Information Technologies and Digital Business Assistant General Manager Ali İnal and his sons Poyraz, Kuzey ve Deniz


We continued our start-up collaborations this year as well.

With the Yol Arkadaşım (My Companion) application, we have developed a mobile application that provides users with approved safe route information for switchboard routes. With this application, we can also access the alternative route and the last updated location of the user in case of an emergency.

We modelled our wind turbines in a virtual reality environment with our business partner in renewable power plants. We plan to use this solution in the field of turbine training and modelling.

We developed a 3D model of our Dağdelen power plant on mixed reality goggles. With our virtual reality model fed with instant production data, we have become able to follow the issues related to our power plant remotely.

We collaborated with a company that offers AI, IoT and robotic solutions for predictive and preventive maintenance and 24/7 health monitoring of energy and underwater assets. By performing operations that require submersibles in our hydroelectric power plants with this solution, we provided data and analysis for asset management and risk planning, and carried out maintenance processes supported by robotic processes.


We have decided to offer our digital competence, which we have aggregated over the years and is constantly increasing, in a way that will create value for the industry, particularly in Türkiye and European countries. We plan to carry out our service operations through a separate legal entity belonging to our parent company, starting from 2023.

Business Transformation Services:

Using the SaaS products we have developed, we offer the stakeholders operating in the field of energy generation and trade, the opportunity to move their operations to the digital environment and transform accordingly.

Data Services

Through our artificial intelligence and machine learning models, we provide situational assessments for power plants, enabling them to detect possible incidents before they happen, and take action accordingly.

Cyber Security Services

We have implemented a new cyber security posture for the IT and OT world. The cyber security assessments we provide will facilitate flexibility, defensibility and regulatory compliance to our stakeholders.

Digital Energy Platform

We set out to create catalogues covering green energy solutions, data on energy markets and our power plants, and customized training relating to energy business.